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Or-Hof Technology & IP Law offer unprecedented Intellectual property and technology legal services along with extensive experience in the following fields :

The firm offers strategic advice and ongoing legal services, allowing clients to overcome technological challenges and meet their business goals:
• Technology commercialization: transfer of IP and materials, licensing, joint ventures and consortium engagements.
• Regulation Compliance: data protection governance, open source compliance programs and self-regulatory programs for the online advertising industry
• IP strategy, Prosecution and Enforcement: trademark registration, copyright enforcement, and patent prosecution (in collaboration with patent attorneys).
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The firm offers strategic advice and ongoing legal services, allowing clients to overcome technological challengesWith two decades of practical experience, Or-Hof Technology has been positioned as a leader in the IP Law, Privacy and Data Protection fields. The firm provides data protection compliance programs and ongoing consulting for corporations under statutory and regulatory requirements, crisis management and self-certification consultancy, including TRUSTe, COPPA and BBB Online. Read More

The firm provides brand and IP-assets protection services through trademark and domain names registration and enforcement, design-patents prosecution and litigation, trade secrets guidance and protection, copyright registration and enforcement, and patents strategy and prosecution
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Among Mr. Or-Hof’s record are technology-driven projects and transactions, including software development, licensing, reselling and distribution, IP transfer and due diligence, ERP, OEM, VAR, SDK, DLP, SaaS.
In addition, Mr. Or-Hof provides consulting in the fields of Internet of Things, Open-Source Software, Cloud-Based Services, Big Data, Electronic Signatures, DRM/TPM, Biometrics, Encryption, Cognitive Profiling and Authentication.
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Internet & Cyber Law

The internet has gradually evolved from a widespread information infrastructure into an indispensable business tool. Modern companies and ventures should work closely with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to form sound online strategies, and to appropriately address ongoing legal and regulatory requirements.
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Media, Entertainment and Telecom legal advice

Or-Hof Technology & IP Law offers a comprehensive practice for the media and entertainment industry. Our vast experience includes on-going entertainment and media legal advice on topics such as online and offline copyright issues, databases rights, trademarks, brand protection and the right of publicity.
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