Or-Hof Technology & IP Law Forecast for Privacy in Israel 2018.

Privacy in Israel

The evolution of Israeli privacy regulation is well connected to the current global data protection turmoil.

May 2018 is marked as a due date for the major shift in privacy in Israel compliance and awareness.

As data-driven and web-based services constitute a large portion of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, GDPR preparations are key to their ability to continue their international activities.

On top, the new Israeli information security regulations will come into effect on May 8, 2018 and will add a challenging set of new requirements for controls, measures and procedures.

The regulations also introduce breach notification into Israeli law. No doubt, that the notification requirements of security incidents will create a substantial impact on doing business in Israel.

The Protection of Privacy Authority has become increasingly active this year and we expect to see more guidelines and enforcement activities in 2018. Following a review by the EU this year, we are yet to see if the adequacy recognition will be maintained, as invalidation of the recognition will definitely have an adverse impact on data transfer from the EU to Israel.

Lastly, it is unclear whether the Privacy Shield Framework serves as an adequate mechanism for transferring personal information from Israel to the US. We hope that the Justice Department will remove the uncertainty over this issue.

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