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Israel: The Information Security Regulations

DataGuidance, in conjunction with Or-Hof Technology & IP Law, will host a complimentary webinar which will provide guidance on compliance with Israel’s information security regulations.

Join us for an overview of the key concepts, obligations and developments in relation to the Protection of Privacy (Information Security) Regulations 5727 – 2017, which will enter into force in  May 2018.

Our expert speakers, Limor Shmerling Magazanik, Director of Strategic Alliances at the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, and Dan Or-Hof, Founder of Or-Hof Technology & IP Law, will also discuss breach notification obligations, Security Supervisor requirements and data transfers.

The new Israel’s Information Security Regulation is the result of almost seven years of work, and will establish more comprehensive obligations on both private and public database owners compared to the Protection of Privacy Law. Under the Regulation, database owners have to comply with different levels of information security requirements depending on which of the four new categories they come under.

The new Isreal’s  Information Security  Regulation conjointly with worldwide privacy regulation such as GDPR and Privacy Shield, sets a higher  standard of security.  organisations and public authorities will now need to give additional attention to information security issues, and use additional resources to tackle security threats. 


About The Speakers

Limor Shmerling Magazanik - Director of Strategic Alliances, Israeli Law, Information & Technology Authority ('ILITA').data protection regulation professional at ILITA
Dan Or-Hof
Dan Or-Hof - Founder, Or-Hof Technology & IP Law Privacy Professional (CIPP/US; CIPP/E), Co-Chair of the IAPP Knowledgenet in Tel Aviv and a member of the National Council for Privacy Protection