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About This IoT Knowledge Center and IoT Regulations

This knowledge center of IoT regulations follows closely the evolvement of the Internet of Things ( IoT )  new era from technological, regulatory and legal perspectives. It includes news, reports and analysis of recent developments.

 What is IoT?

By 2020, 50 billion products and devices will transform from still objects to communicating devices, which receive messages and environmental data, transmit the data to remote servers for “Big-Data” analysis, and perform machine to machine transactions with other devices. The emerging reality includes an enormous number of sensors, which will be installed on roads, in offices, in cars, in private homes, in clothes, on wearable devices and even by implantation under the skin.

The Internet of Things  phenomenon, sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Everything”, is expected to have a huge impact on social life, commerce, interpersonal relationships and human rights. It invites innovation and technological development as significant as those brought by the internet in late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Yet, the Internet of things  is expected to create major challenges which will require theoretical thinking, public discussion and actual implementation.

The main goal is clear – creating social, economic and legal models to support the development of connected  devices, while deploying proper measures to cope with adverse effects.


Recent Legal Developments

Amsterdam- Digital city framework

Amsterdam’s “Tada, Clarity about Data” Manifest Amsterdam is developing an ambitious policy framework, called “the digital city,” including proposals on data minimization, open by default,

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FCC Cyber Security Guide

FCC Cyber Security  Guide The FCC report address to cybersecurity and refers specifically to the gap between user expectations regarding IoT device security and the

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Israel – Drones regulation

A Call to Reduce Privacy-by-Design into Practice to Tackle Privacy Risks by Drones and IOT   Is it high time for technology-driven regulation? Unmanned areal vehicles

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Cybersecurity for Connected Cars

Best Practices for Connected Cars The US Department of Transportation – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles

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Drones Regulation

Will Drones be Regulated?   On January 3, 2017, the Science and Technology Committee at the Israeli parliament (‘Knesset’) will hold a hearing about the

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NSTAC Report on IOT

THE US PRESIDENT’S NATIONAL SECURITY TELECOMMUNICATIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE REPORT ON IOT   The NSTAC determined that there is a small—and rapidly closing—window to ensure that

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India and IoT

Nasscom VP: by 2020 India plans to capture one-fifth of the global IOT market The statement was made at the launch of Nasscom IoT Centre

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IOT Security Issues

UK Survey: 66% of Consumers is Very Concerned from IOT Security Issues According to BullGuard ( mobile and internet security company) survey of over 6,000

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IOT Sex Toys

Warning: IOT Sex Toys can be Hacked according to security researchers hackers can easily take control of sex toys that are connected to the internet.

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Dveployment of IoT

At&t advises companies – Separate the deployment of IoT from  your regular IT network In order to prevent hackers to carry out a large-scale attack

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Monitoring of Cargo

ORBCOMM is launching a new application for tracking and monitoring of cargo.   Based on your knowledge of logistics and transportation company providing M2M solution accessible

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Smart Cities

The development of smart cities passes through smart communities   Smart communities use the same models which are planned for smart cities, based on the

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IoT device

Ericsson changes its prediction regarding cellular IoT device in use in year 2020 In 2010 Ericsson made an evaluation in which it predicts that in

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IOT Technologies

Gartner Points Out Ten leading IOT Technologies for the Years 2017 and  2018   Gartner indicates ten leading IoT technologies, including  IoT security, IoT Device

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Roadmap for IoT Success

Roadmap for IoT Success The successful evolution of the Internet of Things requires telecom providers to address these issues: Gaining critical mass of information, Standardized

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