The Israel’s Information Security Regulations – A game changer for anyone who does business in Israel.

We are 7 months away and the clock is ticking…  Nope, we are not talking about the GDPR this time.

The Israeli Information Security Regulation will come into force on May 2018 as well. They are a game changer for anyone who does business in Israel.

Small and medium sized companies who do not have internal chief information security officers, compliance officers and DPOs will find it quite challenging to cope alone with the new regulations. Companies will need to prepare for regulatory investigations, class actions, management of public relations and brand reputation issues. Start preparing today to comply with the new Information Security RegulationS”

On 19 September 2017, ILITA – the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority announced that the Government had approved the change of its name from the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (‘ILITA’) to the PPA. Limor Shmerling Magazanik, Director of Strategic Alliances at the PPA said that this change  is part of wide strategic change in the enforcment of the  Information Security Regulation.

Thank you ELLEN O’BRIEN  from Dataguidace for the inverview with Dan Or-Hof  about the need to prepare for this new regulations.

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