Data Governance &
Data Protection Solutions

High Tech

Or-Hof Technology and IP Law offer a broad spectrum of legal services for all types of clients, including early stage start-ups, ventures which have reached commercial maturity, and online enterprise projects.

We provide a complete legal suite to support our clients’ strategic and business needs, including information privacy and data protection guidance and compliance programs, and adherence to information security legal requirements. We also have broad experience in delivering online commercial and end-user legal documents, including terms of service, end-user license agreements, privacy policies, online purchase agreements, brand- and logo-usage guidelines, and copyright policies.

We provide ongoing counseling for a wide variety of online legal issues, among them spam-law compliance, domain names strategy and dispute resolution, application of consumer protection rules, and regulation of online payments.

We also assist our clients in confronting information security contractual and regulatory requirements, in managing data-breach incidents, and in handling responses to enforcement and inspection activities by the Israeli data protection authority.

Our clients include a variety of web-based service providers, application developers, providers of cloud-based services, social networks, e-commerce platforms, online advertisers, cybersecurity service providers, and a cognitive authentication venture.

We have deep experience in providing legal and regulatory services for online companies, ventures, and projects, and we can offer you a high quality and comprehensive legal toolkit which will make you stand out in the highly competitive market of Internet and cybersecurity services.


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