IDPF - פורום מומחי הגנת מידע ופרטיות
הזמנה למפגש השנתי CyberWeek 2019

פורום מומחי הגנת מידע ופרטיות מאגד בתוכו יועצים משפטיים של חברות טכנולוגי, מומחי טכנולוגיה וסייבר ועורכי דין.

במסגרת הפורום אנו נפגשים כל מספר חודשים על מנת לדון  בחקיקה ורגולציה בתחום.

המפגש הקרוב ידון בחוקי הסייבר החדשים ויכלול פאנל בנושא " שנה לתקנות אבטחת המידע –  מה למדנו" עם נציגים מהחברות המובילות בישראל: טבע, מייקרוסופט ו- IBM.

אם הנך עוסק/ת בנושא – נשמח לראותך בין אורחנו.

About the event

While attending risks involved with global data protection challenges, such as the GDPR and the CCPA, local and foreign corporations acknowledge that doing business in Israel require special attention to the local law as well.

Our privacy pros’ forum annual event is focused on the crossroads of privacy regulation and cyber security.

This time, we will focus on the new Cyber Security Bill which creates substantial concerns over the Israeli government’s ability to access private-owned information systems without court orders.

We will also hold a professionals’ panel about practical challenges in complying with the data security regulations. It has been a year since the regulations took effect and created a massive impact on the Israeli market.



Ben Haklai
Commercial (Legal) Lead -Microsoft Israel

Ben is Microsoft Israel's Legal (Commercial) Lead. Ben specializes in Tech Law (with specific expertise in Cloud Computing, Privacy and Cyber-Security) and has a technology practice background

Dan Or-Hof
Heads Or-Hof Law Firm & IDPF Chairman.

Dan Or-Hof heads Or-Hof Law  – a global privacy & data protection consulting Firm. He is one of the leading Data protection and Cybersecurity Lawyers in Israel. Dan serves as IDPF Chairman, a non profit forum of Isreali's  data protection leaders 

Sima Nadler
Senior Program Manager, Privacy IBM Worldwide Research Lead for Retail

Sima Nadler is a Senior Program Manager in IBM’s Research Division. She has 25 years of experience serving clients in multiple industries and has worked with customers worldwide on providing unique and innovative solutions

Eyal Roy Sage
Leads the Law & Technology practice at AYR

His practice concentrates in the regulatory, policy and compliance aspects of technology and information. He advises industry-leading clients in the technology, telecommunications and media industries.

Shirit Keynan
Head of Privacy for International Markets at Teva Pharmaceuticals

Shirit responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining Teva's privacy programs and driving strategy to ensure compliance with global privacy and local data protection requirements.

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