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 Practical challenges with the GDPR in Israel

We would like to thank for all the Data Protection & Privacy Pros that attended today and discussed the Practical challenges with the GDPR in Israel in our Privacy Professionals Forum, in collaboration with the IAPP – International Association of Privacy Professionals.

A big thank you goes to our speakers: Ben Haklai -Microsoft Israel Ltd, Marius Aharonovich – ClickSoftware, Sima Nadler -IBM Research and Gabi Bar-Joseph – Delloite Israel.

The insights that you all brought to our meeting were invaluable.

Special thanks to Microsoft Israel for providing perfect hosting!

No doubt that “the journey” to comply with the GDPR as well as with the new Israeli Information Security Regulations and other data protection and data security laws, regulations and certifications (especially the Privacy Shield Framework) require a growing attention and resources.

We are confident that we will complete this exciting journey with great success.


Cloud Based Technological solutions to Facilitate GDPR Compliance

Ben Haklai, Attorney -CELA Commercial (Legal) Lead -Microsoft Israel Ltd.

Data retention & Demonstration of compliance

Marius Aharonovich – Cloud Security Architect & Privacy Officer at ClickSoftware

Technological Tools for implementation and enforcement of Consent

Sima Nadler  -Senior Program Manager Privacy & World Wide Retail Research Leader, IBM Research

Creating Business advantage through the GDPR Complianc

Gabi Bar-Joseph –  Products Privacy & Security Officer Hewlett-Packard Enterpris


When and Where:

Event Date: September 14th. 9:00 – 11:00 | Location: Microsoft Israel’s | Address: 2 Hapnina St. Raanana 

Thank you to our meeting host Microsoft Israel

For more information, please contact: office@or-hof.com

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