Microsoft Israel – Practical challenges with the GDPR

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Please join us for the second meeting of the IDPF- Privacy Professional Forum in collaboration with the IAPP:

Practical challenges with the GDPR


Cloud-Based Technological solutions to Facilitate GDPR Compliance

Ben Haklai, Attorney -CELA Commercial (Legal) Lead -Microsoft Israel Ltd.

Data retention & Demonstration of compliance

Marius Aharonovich – Cloud Security Architect & Privacy Officer at ClickSoftware

Technological Tools for implementation and enforcement of Consent

Sima Nadler -Senior Program Manager Privacy & World Wide Retail Research Leader, IBM Research


Creating Business advantage through the GDPR Compliance

Gabi Bar-Joseph –  Products Privacy & Security Officer Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


When and Where:

Event Date: September 14th. 9:00 – 11:00

Location: Microsoft Israel’s | Address: 2 Hapnina St. Raanana

Thank you to our meeting host Microsoft Israel

Dan Or-Hof               Pini Azaria

TLV KnowledgeNet Co-Chairs

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