IDPF Meetup: Blockchain & Privacy January 14, 2020

Blockchain is an industry disruptor with a potential impact on data transmission and transactions.

From accounting to operations, the blockchain’s core characteristics and mechanics apply to applications such as cryptocurrency and smart contracts, as well as other transactional uses.

Recently the European Parliament published its study about blockchain and GDPR. This study is one of many recently globally discussions about the blockchain technology and privacy.

This IDPF event invites you to explore:

The IDPF is honored to invite you to explore:

Blockchain v. Privacy Regulation - Risks and Challenges

January 14, 2020,| 15:00 -18:30

Deloitte’s Offices - 42nd floor, Azrieli Center, Round building, Tel Aviv

15:00- 15:30 – Networking 

15:30 -15:40 – Opening Session – Head, Or-Hof Law Firm; Chairman IDPF

New Land – The Blockchain Revolution

15:40 – 16:10 

 Aviya Arika, Adv.  Blockchain & Crypto Lawyer, Crypto Regulation & Banking Expert 

Exploring the Blockchain World: Introduction and Macro Explanation of What Blockchain Is, what Tokenization is and what Crypto is.
The socio-economic significance of blockchain use and tokenization and developments in the context of regulation

How to Comply with Privacy Regulations When Using Blockchain infrastructure?

16:15 -16:45

Eliav Boaron – Innovation Attorney; Data Protection and Cyber Law Practitioner – CIPP/US – Or-Hof Law

Is Blockchain really a secured manner to transfer personal information? Is Blockchain indeed unhackable? And what are the legal challenges in complying with data protection regulations when using Blockchain infrastructure?

High technologies develop at a rapid pace, and it is mostly based on our own personal information. The fundamental right to privacy is not that easy to be protected anymore.

During our session, we will briefly explore the Blockchain technology, raise some relevant privacy concerns as well as legal challenges to comply with data protection regulations when using Blockchain infrastructure and offer potential solutions.

16:45- 17:00 Beverage & Networking  

Where will the interaction between privacy & blockchain lead to?

17:00 -17:30

Gabi Bar-Joseph, Privacy Services leader, Cyber Risk Advisory, Deloitte


By 2022, says Gartner, three-fourths of all public blockchains will suffer some form of privacy poisoning.  Meaning that personal data in the blockchain will cause non-compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

In this session, we will evaluate interactions between blockchain technology and privacy regulations, in addition to raising some challenges that will impact future developments.

Keep it Private while Keeping it Usable… and Fair

17:30 – 18:00 

Jonathan Levi – A law-abiding crypto-finance anarchist  CEO of HACERA, Release Manager of Fabric 1.0, vice-chair of the Token Taxonomy Framework, former Executive a Director @ Goldman Sachs

In our interconnected world, there is a constant battle between usability and the benefits of personalization, for example, services based on our mobile phone’s location, language settings, and past preferences… vs. privacy concerns and the cybersecurity threats that come with it.

Unlike what many think/thought, blockchain technology (on its own) does not solve these issues, its immutability actually exacerbates them.

In this talk, Jonathan, who left Wall St. to work on decentralized finance – will go over the hottest issues today around identity (and private-keys) management, usability and privacy – when parties still want to know with whom they trade or exchange, even in regulated environments (E.g. with HIPAA compliance, or when KYC/AML is mandatory).

18:00- 18:15 – Q&A

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