Teva Pharmaceutical -Enforcement Trends in Healthcare Privacy. November 2018

Enforcement Trends in Healthcare Privacy

HIPPA & The new UK code of conduct for data-driven health and care technology.”

This program will review HIPAA basics, including who is subject to the law from a regulatory perspective and what the law requires. It will explore how a non-US company may be caught in the HIPAA net based on its contractual relationships, even if it is not directly subject to the law. The program will also discuss some of the differences between HIPAA and the GDPR and offer perspectives from an operational perspective on integrating HIPAA compliance with other privacy and security obligations.

In September, the UK government published an initial code of conduct for data-driven health and cared technology for comments. This is of particular interest and relevance to us in Israel as in March 2018, the Israeli cabinet approved a national digital-health program.

Schedule and Program

  • 14:45 – 15:00 – Welcome Reception.
  • 15:00- 15:10 – Welcome note – Dan Or-Hof – Tel Aviv KnowledgeNet Chapter Chair
  • 15:00 –16:00 “HIPAA Essentials: What non-U.S. Businesses Need to Know.”

Michelle Wilcox DeBarge | Jody Erdfarb |Wiggin and Dana

  • 16:00 -16:15 – Networking Refreshment Break
  • 16:15–17:00 – “The new UK code of conduct for data-driven health and care technology”

       Beverley Zabow | Zabow Law firm

  • 17:00 -17:30 – Q&A – Round table Discussion

Where and Whan:

November 1 | 2018 | 03:00PM

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – headquarters

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