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The Role of the Privacy Officer

Data Protecrtion Officer

Dear IDPF Members, 
Thank you for taking a part in today’s panel,  we hope we have managed to enrich your understanding of the DPO role and hopefully we will all meet again soon.

The DPO Role – A Privacy Management Bulding Block

The privacy officer’s position plays a crucial part in corporate privacy management.

The officer’s job description includes a wide range of duties and requires an understanding of legal, procedural and technical aspects.

The Israeli market makes its first steps in formalizing the privacy officer’s position, backed by a recent recommendation by the Protection of Privacy Authority and the Justice Department’s plans to update the Protection of Privacy Law.
The IDPF, the Israeli Data Protection Professionals Forum, Invites you to join our next event: An Israeli Privacy Officers experts’ panel.
Learn from experienced DPOs and CPOs who lead the privacy management in leading companies in Israel.

Your key takeaways:

1. Insight into the privacy officer’s day to day.

2. Challenges and practical steps to manage privacy.

3. Tips and forecasts.

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