e-Privacy Regulation- EU Targets the Targeted Advertising

November 12, 2017

Dan Or-Hof have just returned from the IAPP annual data protection conference in Brussels.

One of the keynote speakers was Birgit Sippel, who is the rapporteur on the e-Privacy Regulation legislation process.
Thee-Privacy Regulation is separate from the GDPR and covers privacy in electronic communications issues, such as cookies and spam.

When enacted, it will replace the current e-Privacy Directive (which includes the so-called Cookie Directive).
In her presentation, Sippel clearly stated the EU’s main goal in the forthcoming regulation, as follows:

“What we are aiming at is to abolish surveillance-driven advertising.”

The e-Privacy Regulation will likely have a substantial global effect, much like the GDPR.

We are yet to see the final text of the new regulation, but the EU approach has potential strategic importance.

See additional coverage about Sippel’s presentation here.


e-Privacy Regulation