“PPA’s Draft Guidelines on the Registration of Databases Regarding the Transfer of Ownership in a DatabasePrivacy and Privacy Protection.

Interviews with Experts – NYMITY -March 2018.

Nymity, one of the leading privacy solutions and privacy products in the world, spoke with Dan Or-Hof  about “Transfer of Ownership in a Database in relation to the Privacy Protection Law 5741-1981” and it’s impact on organisations.

On Aug. 13, Israel’s DPA, the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, published new draft guidelines on the registration of databases regarding thetransfer of ownership in a database.

These guidelines will impact organizations and the steps that organizations’s should take when planning for compliance with these amendments.

Companies need to make sure that they have appropriate notices in place, that they have documented consents from their data subjects and they also need to go through a thorough assessment, to assess the implications and consequences of the database transfer.

We assume that the draft guidelines will be final and published within the coming few months. The guidelines express the PPA’s view of privacy compliance and would generally be accepted by courts in Israel. Therefore, companies should pay close attention to PPA’s guidelines and comply with them in general.

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Nymity Interview – Operational Impact Summary


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